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KIT 01 Emergency Tear Repair / Patch Kit for annoying little mishaps to your OZTENT, JET TENT or FOXWING Awning and their accessories

Box: 1 x 200 x 105 x 40mm Strong Cardboard Box.
Cloth Patch::1 x 200 x 180mm approx
PVC Patch: 1 x 150 x 120mm approx
Seam Grip: 1 x Tube Seam Sealer // Repair Adhesive (by McNETT).
Clean Wipes: 3 x Alcohol Wipes to clean material before repairs.
Tear-Aid: 2 x Tear-Aid type 'A' Cloth Repair Patch. 1 - 150 x 75mm. 1 - 35 x 35mm
*Zip Fixer: 3 x 'Zip Fixer' 1 each of S, M & L - "Get You Home" zip repair.
Zip Slider: 1 x Genuine Oztent Accessory Zip Slider with Puller.

Please Note:
These kits are not recommended for permanent repairs. There is no substitute for a proper, professional repair to your tent or awning.
*Zip Fixers are not recommended as a permanent repair. These are a temporary 'keep you going' repair. (not an Oztent product)

Price: 27.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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