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RIVERGUM Self Inflating Mattress

RIVERGUM Self Inflating Mattress

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SALE - RRP £150.00 - SALE Price £119:99

The OZTENT Rivergum Self-Inflating Mattress is arguably the best self-inflating mat you'll ever sleep on.

The Rivergum SIM has excellent insulation properties as a result of combining open cell foam, air-tight vinyl, and velour backing Plus it's an amazing 12cm Deep,

Features that make your Rivergum SIM unique:
Superior comfort that helps you rest and replenish.
Insulation loss prevention with cfc-free, extra-thick open-cell foam.
Slip resistance with our air-proof and waterproof non-slip fabric.
Automatic rapid inflation.
Pliable foam core that won't become brittle or stiff in extremely low temperatures.
12cm thickness for extra comfort.
Unique construction of welded seams on the corners (a potential weak spot in some brands of mattress).

Just what you need for a good nights sleep after dragging your catch up the bank all day!

Weight: 5kg
Erected: 195 x 75 x 12cm (L x W x H)
Packed: 95 x 35cm (L x W)

Price: 119.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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