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HotSpot Lumbar Support

HotSpot Lumbar Support

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The HotSpot Lumbar Pack is a fantastic addition to any camp chair to keep you warm through winter or cool through summer.

On those cool or chilly evenings or watching sports in the winter just place a HotSpot in to the Lumbar Pack and it will strap to almost any existing camp chair.

Or warm sunny days, chill down your HotSpot in the Fridge, Ice Box or Esky, place in the Lumbar Pack and strap to your camp chair for instant cooling. Compatible with all of our Chairs.

Alternatively the HotSpot Pack can be worn like a bum bag with a HotSopt activated and placed inside to keep the lumbar regions of your back/torso warm and cosy.

Lumbar Pack Key Features
Fits most camping chairs
Strap directly to your body like a bum bag
Insulated to ensure maximum heat
Large carrying pockets for phone etc
Slot for ear phones or charging cable
Takes one HotSpot

HotSpot Key Features
1 hour passive heating
Reactivate up to 500 times
Instant Heat or Cooling
No Batteries or Cables
Microfibre Stow Bag included

HotSpot Materials
HotSpot Contents: Nontoxic Sodium Acetate
HotSpot Stow Bag: Microfibre

HotSpot Dimensions
Size: 27cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 1.5cm (H)
Weight: 280g

The Oztent HotSpot Lumbar Pack contains One Lumbar Pack and One HotSpot.

Price: 35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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