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FOXWING - Series 2

FOXWING - Series 2

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The Brand New Series 2 FOXWING Awning, latest generation of the worlds first ever 270° Awning.

Designed to ensure you’re never without protection from the elements; the cleverly designed Foxwing Awning is a one-piece swing-out awning that can easily be attached to roof racks, so it’s always available. Whether you’re on a camping adventure or day tripping, don’t leave home without a Foxwing.

All telescopic poles with claw spigot, reflective guy ropes and pegs are included and come with their own travel bag for neat storage that can be kept attached in the main awning bag or removed and stored separately with an easy clip-in/clip-out system.

The Foxwing 270° Awning features a continuous external skirt to provide greater weatherproofing once accessories are attached, as well as integrated LED light mounting points on the underside of the awning.

Each side of the Foxwing 270° Awning has integrated zips for the accessories. Find your optimal Foxwing 270° setup by experimenting with different combinations of the many accessories available. While Awning Extensions can enclose or extend the shade under your awning, the Tagalong Tent will add a separate room. While an Awning Connector will allow you to connect an OZTENT.

The unique and patented hinge system of the Foxwing 270° Awning allows for one person to easily setup the awning. Simply undo the straps and walk out the awning until the first section is extended, add the telescopic pole to the end of the Awning pole, Guy and Peg out. Repeat as necessary until fully extended.

The Foxwing 270° Awning is one of the largest awnings available, giving you 11 square metres of usable space with 270 degrees of coverage. Add a few Awning Extensions and you have a private space for cooking, sitting and even setting your swag under.

Foxwing LHS = UK/Aus Near Side (EU/USA Off Side)

Price: 725.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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