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Welcome to OZTENT

Welcome to OZTENT UK

Thank you for dropping in on our website.

Unfortunately we're not open at the moment, while we undergo some changes to the company, including moving premises, now's as good a time as any after the unusual last six months we've all experienced when sales have been irrational to say the least

As we move into our traditional slow winter period, with the promise of more uncertainty over covid, furloughing and so on, we'll be moving premises and hopefully starting the new year with a new website, new stocks and hopefully a lot of new and returning customers all able to get out in a covid free new year and enjoy their OZTENT products

We're Exclusively OZTENT and Exclusively ONLINE Only!

OZTENT is The Thirty Second Tent!
Originally designed and produced in Australia, its' origins go way back to 1993, since which its' won many prestigious awards!

Check out the history of OZTENT here,

You can also find out about OZTENT UK here, or cut straight to the good stuff by clicking here, to enter our store!

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